April 15, 2013

True Leaves Forming on the Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants

Pink Brandywine tomato a potato leaf variety
Break O Day tomato with its finely cut true leaves.
Applegreen eggplant just starting to form its first spoon shaped true leaves.
Ma-Zu Purple eggplant with delicate purple veins. The downy leaves of eggplants are just adorable.
Jalapeno hot chili pepper
Seed tray planted with bulb fennel, kohlrabi, lettuce, chinese cabbage, chinese kale, and yu choy flowering broccoli.
The delicately green cotyledon seed leaves of the yu choy.
The tomato plants are finally sizing up and will be planted permanently out in the garden within 3 weeks, weather permitting. I love seeing the differences in the leaves depending on the variety. Looks like Pruden's Purple and Pink Brandywine are the only potato leaf types.

The eggplants and peppers are finally starting to form their first set of true leaves. They are a month or two behind because I got such a late start planting the seeds. I will probably wait a week after planting the tomatoes outside before planting out the peppers and eggplants. Eggplants especially prefer soil temperatures to be above 50 degrees at night (10 Celsius), otherwise it could slow down their growth. And to withstand flea beetle infestations, eggplants need to get big as fast as possible.

Some fast growing cool weather type plants were seeded in the starting tray 4 days ago. Most of the lettuces, kohlrabi, cabbage, kale, yu choy, and bulb fennel have already sprouted in that short amount of time. Woo hoo!

Now my husband just needs to get the soil tilled and I can start putting things in the ground.

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