January 8, 2018

Harvest Monday, 1/7/18

5 out of 7 different varieties of turnips sautéed with butter and Penzey's Mural of Flavor herb seasoning and just a pinch of sugar and salt.

The little turnips were roasted on Friday for dinner and they were delicious. There's definitely a difference in flavor with each variety. Some were sweet, some were savory, and just a couple had a touch of pungency.
It's been pretty cold here the last couple of weeks. We've been enjoying 7 degree (-14 Celsius) temperatures regularly, so there's not much salvageable in the garden except turnips, corn salad, and spinach.

With the passing of the new year, it is about time to think about starting onion, leeks, and shallot seeds. If it warms up enough I'll probably start them at the end of January or beginning of February in the unheated greenhouse. I've also been thinking about trying potatoes again. They were so easy to grow in Idaho, but I've had zero luck growing them in Kentucky. Either way, I am very excited for the coming gardening season.

Please join us for Harvest Monday hosted by Michelle at From Seed To Table.