April 30, 2013

And so It Begins, the Inevitable Destruction of Tomatoes by Bird and Wildlife

Something took its head off.
And there is the missing piece.
Ack! Three tomato plants have met their end. Two had their stems nipped with the top of the plants laying close by, I am assuming birds those vile plant destroying creatures. The third plant's top was missing, perhaps eaten or carried off somewhere.

But who is to say that birds are actually the culprit? While looking over the aftermath of plant destruction I saw a rabbit run across the next door neighbor's yard, a healthy robust wild brown rabbit. Although it seems more likely for a rabbit to eat little plants from the top down, instead of nipping at stems close to the ground. That's what I get for leaving tomatoes uncovered while running to the store.

Since it is supposed to be warm the next couple of days the plants are spending time under lightweight Agribon 15 row covers. On cold nights they will be covered with clear plastic cups.

And those little pellets on the ground are Sluggo, an organic method of slug control.


Annie*s Granny said...

I've had more garden destruction from birds (sparrows in my case) than any other wildlife. I have to grow my lettuce under netting, I've lost entire plantings of peas, and this year they are loving my cabbages. I have birdhouses in my garden, but after the first year I had to plug the entrances to keep the pesky birds away.

Phuong said...

Birds are such a menace. I'm starting to keep the plants covered, too. Lost a couple pepper plants that were planted yesterday, and eggplants that were sitting on a table next to the house waiting to be planted. Nothing is safe.

Do you think a bird feeder might stop the birds from bothering the garden? Or will that bring more birds and bigger birds around?

Annie*s Granny said...

I think it makes them worse. I have a lot less damage since my neighbor moved. She had feeders all over her yard, and they attracted the birds to the area.....and my garden! They get seeds from the feeders, then head for the greens in the garden.

Phuong said...

Thank you, that is very good to know. I won't be putting in any bird feeders.