2022 Planting Times

May 12th:
Park's Whopper Improved tomato and Celebrity tomato.

Seeded in the garden: White Glutinous Asian waxy corn, Royal round pumpkin, Fine Honey pumpkin, Huluwa pumpkin, and Fragrance pumpkin.

May 13th:
Seeded in the garden:
Sweet Angled luffa, Joy luffa, White Jade luffa, Green Long bottle gourd, Duoduo fuzzy melon, Maya fuzzy melon, Early Round winter melon, Crookneck summer squash, Green Shine zucchini, Fordhook zucchini, Bolognese zucchini, Silver Honey melon, and Sweet Snow melon.

Seeded cucumbers in the garden: Garden Bush, Progressive, Handsome, Spring Burpless, Tasty Green, Tendergreen, Green Dragon, Straight Eight, Poinsett.

Seeded pole beans in the garden: Firestorm runner bean, Hunter, Super Young, The Bumper, Green Dragon II, Sweet White long bean, Summer Treasure long bean, Long King long bean, and Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco.

May 14th:
Seeded bush beans in the garden:
Roma II, Improved Tendergreen, Dragon Langerie, and Golden Butterwax.

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