April 24, 2013

A Few Tomato Seedlings Succumb to Sunstroke

The plants had been hardening off outside during the past week, trying to get them used to the great outdoors. For a couple days the clouds rolled away and the sun has been bearing down, leading to the sad demise of a few tomato plants. Now they are a shadow of their former selves with their brown desiccated leaves and crumpled lifeless forms. Good thing there are so many extra tomato plants.
The eggplants and peppers are doing great, they are still fairly small but forming lots of new leaves. I will probably purchase a few sweet pepper plants and hopefully some serrano and anaheim peppers, if I can find them. The popsicle sticks are plant labels for when they go out in the garden.

Temperatures are forecasted to be dangerously close to freezing tonight, so the frost sensitive plants are spending the night indoors for their protection. I found green aphids on the pepper plants and a single flea beetle on an eggplant, so after squishing them I dusted the plants with diatomaceous earth to catch any new hatchlings or bugs I might have missed.

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