March 11, 2017

This Year's Garden Plan, version 2017

The garden runs about 30 feet by 40 feet. Beds will be between 3-5 feet wide by 30 feet long. I'm being good this year and trying to rotate the plant locations with bed #1 being closest to the house.

Zucchini and summer squash plants might get big and ungainly but they'll keep the winter squash from encroaching on the bush bean bed. And once the bush beans have run their course, it'll become a melon bed.

Gardening in our neck of the woods depends on the spring rains, whether the soil ever dries out enough to allow tilling. And peppers have to be planted out early enough so they can set fruit before high nighttime temperatures sterilizes the pollen.

Last year was a disaster with the squirrel population playing havoc with the tomatoes, but it looks like hawks had moved in and cleaned them out. There hasn't been a single squirrel sighted all winter.

The 3 beds of tomatoes are probably overkill but it's insurance after last year. I'm hoping to put up lots of salsa, tomato soup, and tomatoes this year.

I actually just purchased some short tomato cages from a friend which will get used on the bushy determinate tomato plants and cucumbers. And later they can be used in the fall for short pea vines.

Bed 1:
Okra, cucumbers, pole beans

Bed 2:
Hot peppers and melons

Bed 3:

Bed 4:

Bed 5:

Bed 6:
Bush beans, then melons

Bed 7:
Summer squash and zucchini

Bed 8:
Winter squash