April 23, 2013

Garden Tilled, Go! And Preparing the Vegetable Garden Soil for Planting.

The garden has finally been rototilled by my husband, he is such a good egg. About 500 pounds (227 kg) of aged rabbit manure and 1200 pounds (544 kg) of compost were added to the 700 square foot garden to amend the soil. The city provides compost and mulch at $5 a truckload. The birds are all hopping about exploring the freshly tilled earth, the plant eating buggers. Hopefully they were not able to find any of the earthworms that came with the composted rabbit poop.
A couple of inches of mulch about 3000 pounds (1.36 metric tons) was laid over the top of the garden for weed suppression.

It took us 2 days to rototill, amend and mulch the garden soil. Now it is a race to get things planted before the rain.

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