March 16, 2012

Tomato Seedlings Took A Beating But Eggplants Look Gorgeous

The Utterly Gorgeous Green Raveena Eggplant
The Ravishing Malaysian Dark Red Eggplant
Another Beautiful Green Raveena Eggplant
A Forlorn Tomato Seedling
A Flock of Sad Tired Tomatoes
Happy Little Reisentraube Cherry Tomato

The tomato seedlings look just awful, all weak and sunburned with crumpled up desiccated leaves. Poor little things were stuck out in the sun for four hours, two days in a row and then a rain storm blew in on the second day and beat up the little suckers and many now are missing leaves or are bent over on thin stems. The tomatoes look just terrible compared to the eggplant and pepper seedlings which are growing quickly and beautifully. They still have six weeks before being planted outside the first week of May to grow big and bushy, hopefully the tomatoes will catch up by then.

Strangely enough the Reisentraube cherry tomato plants seem sturdier with thicker stems and larger leaf growth compared to the standard tomatoes. Reisentraube is an old German heirloom cherry tomato that offers full bodied tomato flavor in miniature size born on large plants that are supposed to have massive yields even in 100 degree weather. The grape tomato I planted because my husband enjoys them so much is a F1 hybrid which have strange dark stems and leaves that look almost purple black with a hint of green but they are growing well despite abuse and seem to have the same sturdy growth as the Reisentraube cherry tomato.

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