March 15, 2012

An Ananas Noire Tomato Germinated in Just One Day!

And the winner is the Ananas Noire tomato, who germinated today after being planted just yesterday!
Sweet plant growing setup
Ananas Noire is listed as a tricolored tomato with greens, yellow, and purple and is supposed to have a sweet and smoky flavor with a hint of citrus. Sounds yummy. The seeds were gigantically large and blocky and astonishingly quick to germinate with one popping up in just a day.

The anaheim peppers were repotted into styrofoam cups and even with just having their cotyledon embryonic first leaves I noticed the roots had already started curling up in the bottom of their pots, so the styrofoam cups will be roomier and they'll be able to develop more extensive root systems. I went ahead and added soil to some of the tomato styrofoam cups to shore up some of their long stringy stems, roots will develop and grow along their submerged stems.

My husband set up this cool light system in the studio, he just attached lights beneath a tall shelf and put the plants on rolling tables. Easy peasy and now the plants are out of the way, and all of them are under lights 24 hours a day.

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