March 14, 2012

On Lemongrass and Seed Buying Addictions

Faithful lemongrass

The lemongrass is growing. I am so excited. Lemongrass chicken here we come! As you might be able to tell from the photograph the lemongrass is planted in a styrofoam shipping container that would be normally thrown away. They can usually be picked up for free from grocers, or any big companies that use supplies that need to be kept cool like hospitals.

I have a seed buying problem. There I've admitted it. A new order of vegetable seeds have come in the mail and it looks like in a fit of late night temptation, ten varieties of eggplants were ordered plus two varieties of tomatoes. Which is absolutely insane because I already have 14 eggplant seedlings and 53 tomato plants. There is really no excuse, except that I noticed some of the eggplant seeds at the Bakers Creek website were now out of stock, and a strange hazy logic of "oh no, what if they run out and next year they have a crop failure and can't offer the seeds again" came over me. So, today ten varieties of eggplants were started in peat pellets:
  • Applegreen - heard about this one in a gardening forum where someone mentioned it as a favorite. Plants are listed as being small with wonderful yields of delicious tender round green fruits.
  • Aswad - described as giant purple black squat teardrop shaped eggplants that can weigh 3 pounds or more with sweet tender flesh.
  • Bangladeshi Long - stated as green with purple streaks on cylindrical fruits giving early and huge yields.
  • Cambodian Green Giant - listed as huge ribbed fruits with light and dark green streaking and full bodied eggplant flavor.
  • Ma-Zu Purple Chinese - deliciously sweet and tender Tawain variety with 8-12 inch long by 2 inch diameter fruit.
  • Pandora Striped Rose - said to have teardrop lilac rose colored fruits on heavy yielding thornless plants that should be picked young otherwise they tend to be seedy.
  • Ping Tung - supposed to have long purple thin skinned fruits with sweet creamy white flesh and a heavy producer.
  • Thai Light Round Green - described as vigorous prolific plants that produce little round light green fruit used extensively in Thai coconut soups and curries.
  • Thai Long Green - says the plants needs lots of heat which will yield sweet and mild superb 10-12 inch lime green fruits on 2-3 foot plants.
  • Thai Long Purple - said to have long dark purple fruit that are mild and sweet and perfect to grow in hot humid areas.
And two varieties of tomatoes were also started in peat pellets:
  • Ananas Noire - Ananas Noire is listed as a tricolored tomato with greens, yellow, and purple and is supposed to have a sweet and smoky flavor with a hint of citrus. Sounds yummy.
  • Hillbilly - is listed as a gargantuan flame colored tomato with orange and red striations and a sweet savory bacon flavor.


gardenglut said...

You must have a huge plot! Do you live in the countryside?

Phuong said...

I live in the middle of town but have lots of space for a garden in the backyard because the house has no front yard at all. And the garden will mostly be growing tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. :)