June 28, 2013

Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants

Pink Brandywine tomato. Distinctive large beefsteak tomatoes with crimped edges at the top and potato leaved foilage. I couldn't get a closer picture because of the tomato fencing.
These tomatoes are also supposed to be Brandywine but the tomatoes are not beefsteak sized nor are the plants potato leaved. I have 4 tomato plants from two different packets of seed that do not look like Pink Brandywine. Hmmm. We will need a taste comparison to solve this dilemma.
This is the biggest tomato in the garden that I can reach. An Ananas Noire or Black Pineapple tomato, it is unbelievably huge. I've been giving this and Big Zebra a gentle squeeze now and then, they're getting dense and heavy so hopefully will ripen soon.
Sweet bell peppers, ever stocky and robust.
The demure Santa Fe Grande pepper.
 The unassuming Jalapeno pepper.
 And the simpering Hungarian Hot Wax peppers.
 Thai Long Purple eggplant
 Bangladeshi Long eggplant, I thought it was supposed to be green with purple streaks.
 Applegreen eggplant, I'm really not sure when to pick these.
I just wanted to show the giant leaves on the Cambodian eggplants. The leaves are almost 4 times the size of the Bangladeshi Long eggplant leaves beside it.
The Cambodian plant isn't very tall and it is just starting to form flowers. I am very curious how big the eggplants will get on this variety.

The summer harvests are finally underway, I picked 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) of beans from the bush beans earlier this week. A single zucchini at a little over half a pound, and a tiny round green Thai eggplant. It took hours to pick that much green beans let alone wash them because most are of the fuzzy variety, bush beans may be a bear to harvest but they are so much earlier than pole beans. The beans will go in a steak and green bean stir fry, green bean casserole, and green bean saute. I also traded a couple of pounds of green beans for a couple dozen country eggs. Pictures will be shared come Harvest Monday.

To be honest. I am growing 33 eggplants from 10 varieties, but I don't eat or cook a lot of eggplant. I eat a lot of tomatoes, peppers, okra, beans, cucumbers, squashes, etc. But I mainly grow eggplant because it is a challenge for me to grow. I have a feeling it's going to be a banner year for eggplants, and I am starting to wonder how many ways are there to cook eggplants?


Graziana said...

I'm very curious about Cambodian eggplants too, please post some pictures when you harvest them!

Phuong said...

I am very excited to see how big the Cambodian eggplant gets! I will also do a taste comparison between eggplants and post my results.

Anonymous said...

Eggplants are wonderful! I use them as substitute for meat in lots of things - eggplant lasagna, eggplant parmagiana, slices brushed with marinade and grilled outside - yummy! I'm so jealous - we've had so much rain & cool weather here that ours are doing nothing in Western KY!

Phuong said...

You've given me some ideas on how to use up the eggplant!

I got really lucky with the garden this year, I was able to plant in April before the rains. Most of my neighbors had to wait a whole month later to plant.