June 21, 2013

There is a Rabbit Living in the Garden

 All the kohlrabi plants have been eaten by the rabbit.
A little wild brown rabbit with a white fluffy tail is living in the garden. She hides under the bush bean patch or Cherokee Trail of Tears pole beans and then runs away whenever I head towards her. There has also been evidence of a nibbling rabbit in the garden. Looks like she is partial to kohlrabi leaves, too bad they were just starting to bulb. The Asian greens are just now getting nibbled, so I have started harvesting them.

With the addition of a nice handful of green beans and a Hungarian Hot Wax pepper an udon noodle soup might be in order for the day. I love a big bowl of spicy noodle soup with lots of vegetables and an egg or two.


Annie*s Granny said...

When I was in Arizona, I had to cover my entire garden with plastic netting to keep the rabbits out. It was just a tiny garden though, yours would be impossible to cover!

Phuong said...

It's crazy the amount of critters and insects gardeners have to contend with, the earwigs in your garden are a menace! I've been squishing squash bugs on the eggplants and Japanese beetles on the pole beans, I have a feeling the invasion is just beginning.