June 17, 2013

Fruiting Vegetables in June

Ananas Noire or Black Pineapple tomato, a multi-colored tomato. None of these plants bore fruit last year which was an awful year of droughts and record heat waves, but it looks like we may finally get to taste this tomato this year.
This is supposed to be a Pink Brandywine tomato plant, but the leaves are not the normal potato leaves associated with this variety. From the same seed packet I got seven that were potato leaved out of eleven plants.
The bush beans are loaded with itty bitty beans. So exciting! I love green beans from the garden.
These zucchinis need to grow faster, so I can eat them. The Black Beauty zucchini plant isn't very large, so it is taking some time for the two pollinated zucchinis to size up.
Let there be eggplants! A Bangladeshi Long eggplant story.
Peppers have such silky smooth fruit. These charmingly upright specimens belong to Hungarian Hot Wax.

I am terrible about watering the garden. My instinct is to wait till the plants look thirsty, maybe wilt a little. It's a habit from farming in the desert, which I am trying to fight against since water is so plentiful and cheap here. The plants really seem to respond to heavy watering with lush growth, but I also want to balance that with flavor. Tomatoes taste so sweet and unbelievably intense when they are grown on the dry side. Maybe I will increase watering to 3 or 4 times a week, and then taper off when the first flush of tomatoes start to change color.

Everything is growing fairly well so far, which makes me happy.

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