July 1, 2013

Harvest Monday, 7/1/13

 Tuesday harvest: 2.91 pounds Romano green beans
 Tuesday harvest: 2.86 pounds Tendergreen green beans
 Thursday harvest: 0.60 pounds zucchini and 0.05 pounds eggplant
Thursday harvest: 1.72 pounds mix Royal Purple and Blue Lake 274 green beans

Green beans fresh from the garden are one of my favorite things to grow and eat. The bush beans produced their first big flush of green beans this week. Of the 4 rows of bushes, the Romano and Tendergreen rows cropped earlier than the other two bush bean types. The flat Italian Romano beans were delicious and sweet in a stir fry

The zucchini and summer squash have been producing blossoms, but the lack of bees combined with my poor pollination skills means very little squash. I was able to get one oddly bulbous pollinated zucchini and a couple unpollinated ones that I went ahead and picked.

And yes, the single little round Thai eggplant amuses me but there are many more in the garden growing as we speak.

This week's harvest:
7.49 pound green beans
0.60 pound zucchini
0.05 pound eggplant

Please join us at Daphne's Dandelions, a fun place to see what other gardeners are growing and harvesting.


Jenny Rottinger said...

You have awesome garden! Way ahead of ours on schedule, our beans have just started blooming last week so I'll be picking first beans later this week, and no peppers or eggplant yet.

Annie*s Granny said...

Great bean harvest! I love them too, but my husband just shudders when I come in with a basket full!

gardenvariety-hoosier said...

Absolutely beautiful beans! I grow Roma every year and am trying Tendergreen for the first time. Here in SW Indiana I just picked the first Provider beans this morning. Your garden is 1 or 2 weeks ahead of mine.

Phuong said...

I love how quickly blossoms turn into beans on bush beans. Your potatoes look so good, new potatoes out of the ground are such a revelation in terms of tenderness and sweetness.

I have been really lucky this year with timing, it's shaping up to be the best garden year we've ever had.

Phuong said...

My husband yelled when he saw me bring in two big bowls of green beans, which made me laugh.

Your garden gives such a variety of food. And the berries are absolutely outrageous!

Phuong said...

You have cucumbers and okra already, Amazing! The Provider green beans you describe in your blog sound wonderful.

I was very lucky with the timing of the tilling. There was one very dry week followed by a month of regular rainfall, so most of my neighbors were a month behind in their planting.

Shawn Ann said...

Another Kentucky gardener! Yes, I have problems with vine borers and squash bugs too, that is why I started all my stuff really early inside to try to get ahead of them and it seems to be working! Your bowl of beans looks great! Glad to see another KY gardener here!

Phuong said...

I didn't even realize you were gardening in Kentucky as well! There seems to be less insects around this year, so I'm crossing my fingers for a bumper crop of squashes and cucumbers.

Your harvests are beautiful! The patty pan twin makes me smile.

Michelle said...

Fantastic beans! I can't wait for mine to start producing. Squash on the other hand I have more than enough of. Ah well, it's all good.

Bee Girl said...

So many beans!!! How wonderful! I am very hopeful that our beans will be successful this year...now I can only hope they're nearly as successful as yours!

Norma Chang said...

What a great bean harvest. The taste of freshly harvested beans are so superior to the ones in the markets.

Phuong said...

You are getting such a beautiful diversity of harvests, even with the huge amount of squash!

I am getting excited for some of the other things that are ripening in the garden. Although, it is really fun to experiment with that many beans.

Phuong said...

You are already getting ripe tomatoes! And your pepper and tomato plants look fantastic!

I gave the beans more space this year and that really seems to have improved yields. Normally I plant them 2-4 inches apart in a bed, but this time they were planted in rows 18 inches apart within the bed.

Phuong said...

Your beet and amaranth harvests are lovely! I have tried to grow beets and amaranth many times but either get poor germination or they sit there and sulk. Plus earwigs seem to love burrowing into beets and turnips.

The Romano beans happen to be my favorite type and they produce lots of large sweet tasty beans.

Mac said...

Nice harvest, my pole beans have been flowering for a while but no beans, maybe the temp is too hot for them now. I'm growing a bush variety of long beans, no sign of flowering buds :(

Phuong said...

I really do think heat affects the self pollination of the beans. Usually I plant bush bean very early. This year the purple bush bean plants flowered much later when it got really hot, and only produced 1 or 2 beans per plant even though they had the most flowers. I used to garden in the high mountain desert, and I think the dry heat is even worse for pollination. I grew Scarlet Runner pole beans in the desert and they wouldn't produce any beans till September when it cooled down, but they did make a ton of beans in the fall and the bees loved their flowers.

You have such a beautiful garden and are getting such a wonderful variety of vegetables and herbs.