May 9, 2012

Sprouting Bush Green Beans

The bush green beans are popping out of the ground after only being planted for a couple of days, 4 out of six rows have come up with the last two rows being planted with the oldest seeds. The heat must really be stimulating the germination of the beans. It is so much easier to directly sow bean seeds into the soil rather than starting them indoors since the plants grow so quickly.

I really need to get the corn seed into the ground but the rain over the last couple days keeps thwarting me. Once the corn starts growing then the pole beans can be planted around the corn stalks.


gardenglut said...

I love seed comming up time! Its full of such promise. I always raise my beans outdoors directly in the ground.

I have always wanted to do the corn and bean thing... it sounds so sensible, but somehow I have never gotten around to doing it. You will have to keep us informed on how it goes. How long do you have to wait to put the beans in so that they have some corn to climb on?

Phuong said...

I'm going to wait till the corn is a foot tall (30.5 cm) so it won't be in danger of being smothered by the beans which should take a few weeks from sprouting. Thank goodness I have bush beans planted to fill in the green bean gap.