May 28, 2012

Okra Starting to Form Flowers

Stewart's Zeebest okra are already starting to form blossoms.
In a few short weeks okra pods will be forming!
Okra are such beautiful plants, amazing how in one summer they can form into little trees.
The okra that were started indoors are already forming blossoms even though they are only a five to seven inches tall (13-18 cm). Since the okra have been going through the same trials and tribulations as the tomato plants (birds) it's amazing how well they have done. The okra seeds that were planted directly into the garden have all sprouted except for one or two which makes about a 90% germination rate but suspiciously the toothpicks that were placed around those unsprouted seeds to deter cutworms, were bent over. I'm thinking it wasn't cutworms. The newly sprouted okra have just started forming their true leaves.

Most people in this part of Kentucky eat okra as corn meal breaded deep fried golden nuggets which can't be described as health food. During last year's okra glut I lost a lot of weight eating okra everyday in every way imaginable. Curried okra, stewed tomato okra, grilled okra, baked okra, okra stir fry with green beans and radish pods, till finally I let a few pods mature on the plants to shut down fruit production. Why, why didn't I think to freeze or dry the excess okra rather than continuously gorging myself daily on the pods?


gardenglut said...

Wow, I have never seen okra growing before, aren't they interesting. I know people who love them rave about them, but I have never quite gotten into them. What's your fav thing to do with okra?

Phuong said...

Breaded and pan fried whole young okra and oysters is delicious and they go wonderfully well together, our father used to cook this when we were little. I've never fried okra myself since it's so unhealthy but it's good in fresh tomato soup.