June 16, 2018

Six on Saturday in the Vegetable Garden

I'm sharing six things from the garden on this lovely Saturday. Just a few vegetable related things.

Six on Saturday is hosted by the Propagator. Where gardeners all over the world share the goings on in their gardens.
1) In a shady corner of the corn patch grows a free range tomato plant. Who are its people, where did it come from? Possibly it will be a hybrid since we had tiny sweat bees pollinating tomato blooms last year.
2) Another self-sown plant is this little cucumber in the sweet potato patch. And the little plant in the bottom right hand corner is the tiniest of the tiny sweet potato slips.
3) Leaf celery. One of my triumphs after trying for years to raise a few plants from seed. Now we have a whole bed of them behind the greenhouse.
4) Asian chives. It only took two packets of seed to get 7 chive plants. But if you're counting, there are only 6 plants shown. Yes, a chive was lost to a weeding incident.
5) A ladybug amongst the bush bean blooms? I think not. More likely the dreaded spotted cucumber beetle.
6) And last but not least. I wanted to show the first ripening tomato. This variety is Sun Gold (F1) a cherry type.


Ciar said...

Love the name of your blog. Looks like you are growing lots of green goodness in Kentucky!

Jane Strong said...

Very nice selections. I love the little wild things that just pop up not planted by me. I also like this format - just six fun happenings.

Mala S. Burt said...

I have some small fruit on my SunGold. Another month I think before I can eat them between weeding the beds. Yours are a little ahead of mine in Maryland.

Phuong said...

Hi Wilde Carrot,
It's an exciting time knowing snap beans and tomatoes are just around the corner. Pretty soon it'll be time to start thinking about the fall garden.

Phuong said...

Hi Jane,
Volunteer vegetables are the best. Last year we had Frankenstein squash come up in the fall and actually set fruit before winter. They were interesting mixes of winter squash, zucchini, and summer squash.

Phuong said...

Hi Mala,
We have one of those cheapo greenhouses where I raise seedlings, which is one of the reasons we get such early tomatoes. Birds used to destroy half my tomato seedlings every year. I needed to be able to raise larger plants that could withstand the destruction.

Sun Gold is a lovely cherry, I'm actually trying a bunch of different of cherry tomatoes this year. Be My Baby looks like it's going to ripen at the same time as Sun Gold.