June 30, 2018

Corn Tasseling and Other Things in the Garden

The Buhl sweet corn is tasseling, and I can see little corns forming. So cool.

The long season Morado corn is already as tall as me. It's supposed to end up 8-12 feet tall. Only a few stalks lodged at the beginning when they were a foot tall, but they're all staying nice and upright now even with all the rain and wind we've been getting.
Buhl sweet corn tasseling. They're only about 4.5 feet tall at this point.
A few of the stalks only have a single ear forming, but I've counted a few stalks with possibly 4 ears starting.
Baby Buhl corn? So cute. They're actually a very well rooted variety with no signs of lodging. I can actually see them forming more roots at the bottom of their stems, so they're very stable. 
The Butta(F1) zucchini is making babies! My husband got me a big spiralizer for Mother's Day, so I'm incredibly excited. This yellow zucchini is very prolific.
This baby Tuscany melon is about three inches long, but I've seen them get this large and yellow and fall off. So fingers crossed that doesn't happen.
Looks like this is the only baby the Charentais melon has set. They haven't made many female blooms yet and the bed is fairly overcrowded so pollinators probably have problems getting to them.
The onions that were started from seed are making me crazy. Half the bed died out when the Cipolle di Tropea red onions got powdery mildew. The Borettana Cipollini onions aren't swelling up yet, but otherwise they're coping with the rain well. I went ahead and seeded beets in the back half of this bed.
Tall Top Early Wonder beet in the onion bed. They popped up in just 3 days with the warm weather we've been having.
The leeks are doing wonderfully. I've never gotten them to this size in Kentucky before. This variety is American Flag. I'm growing them in clumps of three about 8-12 inches apart. I tried trenching them last year which worked very well, but the squash plants ended up overrunning them.


Unknown said...

Squash and cucumber plants overrun everything! Your garden looks wonderful.

Michelle said...

Everything is growing so well. I'm envious of the corn and melons, they're off my grow list this year because of the rodents. Zucchini noodles! Tis the season.

Sue Garrett said...

I tried using a little spiraliser but it wouldn’t plat ball. I saw it demonstrated but I obviously haven’t the knack.

Margaret said...

Everything is looking great! So envious of your corn - I've yet to have any luck getting halfway decent cobs before something gets to the stalks and/or developing cobs. I've given up growing corn for the time being - too many other things are competing for my attention - but I'm hoping to give it another go in perhaps a year or two once the rest of the garden is sorted out.

Phuong said...

Hi Patricia,
Squash and cucumbers can definitely be monstrous. We planted cucumbers inside tomato cages this year and they did a lot better. It does take some work forcing them to stay in the cages but it's nice not to have to search through a bed looking for cukes.

Phuong said...

Hi Michelle,
I have high hopes for the corn, hopefully the weather will cooperate when the pollen drops. In this area it tends to be feast or famine when it comes to corn, some years they lose whole crops.

The zucchini noodles will be loads of fun. I've been collecting lots of recipes involving their use.

Phuong said...

Hi Sue,
It can be difficult to use those hand held vegetable spiralizers, but the tabletop ones are supposed to be a lot easier to use. Our kiddo doesn't eat a lot of vegetables so we're hoping this'll be a good way to get him to eat more nutritiously.

Phuong said...

Hi Margaret,
I had to wonder if it was raccoons that got into your corn patch. Just because of the extant of the damage. I might have to give up on growing onions, they just don't do well for me. And the mass die-offs is disheartening.