April 23, 2018

Harvest Monday, 4/22/18

Kale and kale flowering buds. This is about a third of what we harvested on Saturday.
Spinach salad with pea shoots, raisins, and cashews.

We cleared out the garden on Saturday. I picked a ton of overwintered kale, spinach, and turnip greens, while the kiddo and husband dug up some carrots. We had hoped to till soon but it rained all Sunday and more is expected this week, so we'll probably end up planting late just like last year. It's been a very wet cold spring.

The carrots were seeded in the fall and grew slowly over the winter, and now we have a fifteen foot bed of baby carrots. They're excellent cooked with their young leaves. (My husband had accidently mowed down their tops in March.)

I had seeded a flat of peas last month to get an early start on a spring garden, but since it's much too late for that we've found that pea shoots are wonderful in salads. It makes me curious about the world of microgreens. I believe Dave at Our Happy Acres grows sunflower sprouts which looks very intriguing to me.

Most of the tomatoes and peppers have been potted up and they're growing quickly in the greenhouse. I've been debating about potting up the onions which have been in a 72 cell tray for two months, I'd much rather put them in the ground but either way they'll need to be fed soon.

Please join us for Harvest Monday hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres. A place where irrepressible gardeners share their harvests and what they've been preparing in the kitchen.


Sue Garrett said...

I tried growing some pea shoots for salad but it seemed you needed to grow so many to harvest a decent helping and I.was just growing them in a seed tray so ended up with more like just a taster.

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

Those are some great looking greens! I miss spinach since I didn't sow any last fall or this spring. We got rain here too so who knows when I will be able to work up the garden. It has been the wettest spring I can remember!

Michelle said...

Your kale looks great. Overwintered kale tends to get full of aphids here so it's rare that I get to enjoy the shoots in the spring as those are actually the parts that the aphids prefer. I didn't even overwinter any this year. I love pea shoots and there's a couple of varieties that I've grown that are meant to be harvested as shoots and the peas themselves are meh. But I've figured out that really just about any pea variety is tasty in the shoot stage.

Margaret said...

I'm sure you are now glad that you planted some overwintering greens - my best ever crop of spinach was one that I overwintered but I didn't get around to sowing any last year. With out very late spring, I'm wondering if they would have been successful anyhow and I have a feeling we are going to have a rather short transition from spring to summer.

Phuong said...

Hi Sue,
The pea shoots have such a nice pea/peanut flavor, and they keep really well wrapped up in the fridge. I must've started between 100-150 pea seeds in a large flat, which made a very decent amount of greens.

Phuong said...

Hi Dave,
All this rain makes me feel apathetic about starting more seeds, but I know the rain will have to end some time. This is the first time I've ever been able to overwinter spinach even though it was an exceptionally cold year. It looks like you're keeping up well with the seed starting.

Phuong said...

Hi Michelle,
The really cold weather seems to have done a number on the insects. I'm really hoping we'll have less problems with squash bugs and such. I had never eaten pea shoots before, and they really make a salad extra special.

Phuong said...

Hi Margaret,
It's insane you had an ice storm in April. Pure craziness. I really wish our other greens had made it through the winter, but we've been having spinach salads almost every night which is lovely. Did you have to grow your spinach undercover to get it to overwinter?

Margaret said...

I did top it with straw, just like I do the garlic and asparagus bed, but that's about it. Hopefully I'll have the patience to sow some for overwintering this fall.

Kathy said...

I did chuckle at the idea your husband accidentally mowed off all the carrot leaves.. that's the sort of thing that happens round here once my other half gets the strimmer out. Last year we lost half a row of potato foliage along the edge of the bed lol

And we also love pea shoots, they have such an intense flavour. Perhaps try basil or rocket as microgreens. We always use the small thinnings and they are very good

Phuong said...

Hi Margaret,
That's a great idea, burying greens under straw once a deep freeze threatens. Makes me want to do a bigger patch of spinach and corn salad in the fall so I can try it out.

Phuong said...

Hi Kathy,
Losing half a row of potato foliage to a strimmer sounds about right, hopefully your plants recovered and were able to produce. I've only tasted the harsher flavored rocket, but might give one of the named varieties a try.