May 26, 2015

Tomato and Variety Update

Cherokee Purple tomato. I love the hairy stems and flowers, so interesting.
These might be Jersey Giant blossoms
Yoder's German Yellow cascade of tomato flowers
Brandywine tomato blossom 
Might this be a Pruden's Purple tomato plant with its potato leaves?
The potato leaves of Pink Brandywine are so different than regular tomato leaves.
It looks like a Pruden’s Purple tomato plant may have sprouted in a pot that was already growing asparagus. Along with Pink Brandywine it is the only other potato leaved variety that I grew and the leaves are tinged a pretty purplish black along the margins. That means I have all 25 varieties of tomatoes planted in the garden. And now I can do a true taste comparison between them. They should be all open pollinated heirlooms except for the cherry tomato. A lot of these tomatoes I grew in 2013 but by the end of summer I was too pregnant to bend over the tomato fencing to get at them. And my husband is fast and furious when it comes to picking vegetables, so there was no keeping track of varieties.

We're planning on making lots of tomato sauce this year but it looks like Jersey Giant is the only paste tomato, I must have gotten San Marzano Lungo No. 2 mixed up with Ingegnoli Gigante Liscio.

The 6 black tomatoes we are trialing:
Black from Tula
Black Krim
Cherokee Purple
Paul Robeson
Pruden’s Purple
Purple Calabash

Green tomatoes:
Big Zebra
Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Yellow/orange tomatoes:
Djena Lee’s Golden Girl
Golden King of Siberia
Kellogg’s Breakfast
Pilcer Vesy
Yoder’s German Yellow – from a gardening buddy

Multi-colored tomatoes:
Ananas Noire
Big Rainbow
Hillbilly Flame
Pink Berkley Tie-Dye

Pink tomatoes:
Pink Brandywine
Granny Cantrell

Red tomatoes:
Costoluto Genovese
Ingegnoli Gigante Liscio
Jersey Giant paste tomato
Pantano Romensco
Red Brandywine

And one cherry tomato:
Red Grape F1 hybrid

All the tomato plants have flowers on them except for little Pruden’s Purple, and even a few have opened up and blossomed like Cherokee Purple, Yoder’s German Yellow, and both Pink and Red Brandywines. It is just about time to get their trellises up.

And I noticed something wonderful today, the peppers are just starting to form flowers. Summer really is just around the corner.

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