July 13, 2013

Picking All the Spicy Hot Peppers from the Garden

From top clockwise: Jalapeno, Hungarian Hot Wax, and Santa Fe peppers

12 pounds of hot peppers had to be harvested on Wednesday (5.4 kg). A few of the plants had fallen over from the weight of their fruit and flowers were aborting before they opened. The ripening fruit needed to be removed so more peppers can set, before the heat really comes on and sterilizes the pollen. The peppers were washed and frozen, in a couple of weeks they will be processed for salsa. I have never frozen peppers before, so hopefully that wasn't a mistake especially since I plan on canning them.

The cream colored Santa Fe peppers and yellow Hungarian Hot Wax are new peppers for me. My usual Anaheim peppers and Serrano failed to germinate this year, so let's hope these peppers are tasty and hold up well in salsa. It seems that Hungarian Hot Wax are normally pickled.

The tomatoes are starting to ripen en masse, it looks like salsa making is on for the end of July!


Unknown said...

My goodness, will you look at that stunning basket of hotness! It's beautiful!

Phuong said...

Thank you! I'm very excited and curious about using these peppers!