May 21, 2018

May Garden Update

We finally started planting the garden last week, with the long winter and wet spring it ended up being later than even last year. The tomato plants have been in the ground less than a week but they've put on tons of growth.
The Indigo Blueberries tomato plant has interestingly dark stems. It's been raining every other day with bright sunny days in between and the plants seem to be settling in even with temps around 88 degrees (31 degrees Celsius).
There are two pepper beds mainly planted with sweet peppers except for a few Gigantia Jalapenos and Pablanos.
In the pepper beds are a few melon plants of True Charentais and Tuscany. I couldn't get Ginkaku or Green Nutmeg to germinate, but I'll try again indoors where it isn't as hot as the greenhouse.
The leeks are enjoying being in the ground, but the onions in the bed on the left are still recovering. I started the onion seeds in February so they've been waiting a long time to get planted out.
Cutting celery or leaf celery was planted behind the greenhouse. It's a darker wetter spot which I thought would be a good place for them. Better than growing weeds.
I was only able to get 6 Matador shallot seeds to germinate and live on. Pretty funny, I don't know what I'm going to do with just 6 shallots.
And shockingly enough, 7 Asian leeks/chives are still alive. They're so tiny you can hardly see them in the photo.
There are two leaf celery plants on the right and the rest is Gigante d'Italia Parsley. We have a bed specifically for annual herbs this year. The basil still needs to be planted and I'm having a hard time getting the shisho/perilla to germinate.
Portuguese Cavolo Laciniato kale and Nero de Toscana kale. With the hot weather coming I don't know how long these will last. They'll probably get replaced with New Zealand spinach, amaranth, and chard.
And the bush beans are up in just 5 days. Fresh garden green beans are a favorite in our household.
And both varieties of corn are also up. The Morado/Kulli corn is a 100 day sweet corn and grows around 8-12 feet tall supposedly. But Buhl is supposed to be a 75 day sweet corn, so hopefully I'll be able to save seed from both varieties without danger of crosspollination.

It took 2 days to plant the garden with temps well in the 90s and high humidity.

I still need to seed zucchini, summer squash, pole beans, amaranth, and Brussels sprouts, and then reseed New Zealand spinach and perilla. We had such a late winter, it's odd to think it's almost summer.

I hope everyone's spring is warming up nicely and it's not raining too much wherever you're located. I'm really hoping it'll be a fun and fruitful gardening year.


Sue Garrett said...

We have still to plant most of the crops that you mentioned here bit all are growing in the greenhouse so if=t shouldn’t be long now,

Phuong said...

Hi Sue,
It looks like you're really close to getting all the beds worked up and ready to plant. And the things you've been able to get in the ground look verdant and happy.

Michelle said...

You got all that done in 2 days! That's impressive, especially in the heat and humidity. I've hardly seen any sun the last couple of days because the fog has been so thick and low. Temps barely get into the 60's. We had warmer weather in February. Spring veggies are happy but the summer ones are pouting.

Phuong said...

Hi Michelle,
My husband actually helped with planting so it went really fast, and he put in the cages. That's one of the gardening things he helps me with, the other things are tilling and taking down the garden.

It sounds like you're having some crazy weather. Days of thick fog would be strange to me, hopefully it'll get a little warmer soon so both your spring and summer plants are happy.

Margaret said...

Each year I think that tomato plants look tiny when I put them in the ground, and each year they surprise me in how quickly they grow. Just this afternoon I was looking at my transplants (that are going in the ground this weekend) and thinking how small they looked, but when I compared them with photos from prior years, they are pretty much bang on. Your a trouper, planting up the garden in 90 degree weather - I can only manage a half hour here and there during the day when it's hot.

Phuong said...

Hi Margaret,
Tomato plants are monsters, they just grow so quickly once it warms up. And I think you're transplants are looking good, they'll definitely take off once they get in the ground. I'm just glad the garden is mostly in, there's just a few things left to do but it doesn't feel overwhelming.