April 23, 2016

Tomato Varieties and Pepper Germination Issues

 Tomato Seedlings
Broccoli, Brussels sprout, and very sparsely germinated pepper seedlings.

I haven't been blogging as of late because our little one is finally letting us do things like reading. Since it has been years since I've read a book, I have been devouring them these last couple months. Oh how I missed you, books!!

So blogging and seed starting has definitely taken a back seat to my shameful insatiable consuming bookish needs. At least the seedlings are still getting watered everyday.

The peppers haven't been germinating. I started them in a peat moss based seed starting medium and that always seems to give me problems, but at least 5 varieties managed to germinate out of 11 types that were seeded. Usually I use coconut coir to start peppers and those hard to start seeds like asparagus.

Peppers and eggplant were seeded March 14th. Tomatoes and Italian eggplants were seeded April 2nd.

Below are lists of varieties that have sprouted which I will try to keep updated.

Pepper varieties:
Aji Lemon Drop
Corno Rosso
Carmagna Rosso
Fish Pepper
Jimmy Nardello
Joe E. Parker
Numex Big Jim
Santa Fe

Eggplant varieties:
Cambodian Green Giant
Tonda Bianca Sfumata di Rosa
Thai Long Purple
Violetta Lunga

I went ahead and re-seeded pepper and eggplant varieties that haven't germinated yet, so fingers crossed.

Tomato varieties:
Abe Lincoln
Ananas Noire
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Hill Billy Flame
Big Rainbow
Big Zebra
Black Brandywine
Black Krim
Black Prince
Black Tula
Box Car Willie
Break O Day
Celebrity (F1 hybrid)
Cherokee Purple
Chocolate Stripes
Cosmonaut Volkov
Cour di Bue
Fat Cherry
Sun Gold
Black Cherry
Dark Brandywine
Djena Lee's Golden Girl
Golden Siberia
Granny Cantrell
Henderson Pink Ponderosa
Jersey Giant
Kelloggs Breakfast
Lilac Giant
Money Maker
Mortgage Lifter
Pantano Romensco
Paul Robeson
Pilcer Vesy
Pink Berkley Tie Dye
Pink Oxheart
Prudens Purple
Red Pear
San Marzano Redorta
Yellow Brandywine


Margaret said...

Wow - that is a LOT of tomato varieties - almost twice as many varieties as I have plants in total! I'm having the opposite issue with tomatoes and peppers - no issues with pepper seedlings this year (a first, actually!), but I have 2 tomato varieties that haven't germinated yet. It's been 10 days, so I decided to start some more seed for them yesterday. Of course, one of them is my "early" tomato, so that's a bit of a drag as this likely means it will no longer give me that first tomato.

Phuong said...

Hi Margaret,
It's great that your peppers germinated well this year. Some of my pepper seeds were brand new like the Fish and Lemon Drop peppers so its a bit of a disappointment.

That's a bummer about your early tomato, I would figure it would be one of the first to germinate. I'm growing Sun Gold after Dave blogged about how early they are.

David Velten said...

That is a huge tomato list. It would be interesting to know how you chose that list. The only variety we (maybe) have in common this year is Pink Berkeley Tie Dye. Hope that one germinated for you so we can compare notes. I had the same tomato germination problem, while peppers did somewhat better. I pushed seem extra tomato seeds into the flats and some of the tomatoes are now germinating so maybe I can recover.

Phuong said...

Hi David,
I'm partial to tomato descriptions that mention the words huge and amazing flavor. But also they were having a giant tomato seed sale at Trade Winds and I didn't resist.