March 7, 2013

Starting Vegetable Plants from Seed

The seeds have finally been planted in the 72 cell seed starter tray on Sunday, March 3rd. Looks like Golden King of Siberia won this year as the fastest sprouting tomato in just four days. As you can probably tell I'm using coconut coir as the starting medium as well as bottom heat, in my experience peat pellets seem to inhibit the sprouting of peppers.

This year the tomatoes have been narrowed down to 21 varieties with some yellow, orange, green, black, red, and bicolor fruits plus one mystery variety from a friend. Last year I remember waiting for some tomatoes to ripen on the vine, but when the orange tomatoes started to rot I finally realized the orange tomatoes were never going to turn red. Please don't laugh too hard at my mistake. I had only grown reddish tomatoes previously and it must have slipped my mind that Djena Lee's Golden was planted out, which happens to be an excellent tomato nice and fruity with tart citrus overtones.

Tomato varieties:
Djena Lee's Golden Girl - smallish orange tomatoes, fruity tart flavor with citrus overtones
Cosmonaut Volkov - first to produce tomatoes last year, good juicy tart flavor
Prudens Purple
Black Krim
Mortgage Lifter
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Wapsipinicon Peach
Kellogs Breakfast
Pilcer Vesy
Golden King of Siberia
Berkley Tie Dye
Big Zebra
Cour Di Bue
Purple Calabash
Paul Robeson
Cherokee Purple
Black from Tula
Ananas Noire
Hill Billy Flame
Brandywine - saved seed from 2 years ago, lots of nice big pink tomatoes with a lovely classic flavor
Mystery Tomato - from a friend

Jalapeno, serrano, and anaheim hot peppers were begun with an eye towards canning salsa in the summer. A couple of bell peppers and banana peppers were also started but I am not holding my breath since the seed is fairly old from 2009.

There were some problems with the eggplants last year between the flea beetles and obscenely hot temperatures that came on fast and settled in for 3 months, so none of the plants produced fruits. Hopefully the floating row cover that I ordered off Ebay will provide protection from the flea beetles at least.

The eggplants are being limited to just 12 varieties:
Pandora Rose
Bangladeshi Long
Thai Round Green
Thai Long Green
Thai Long Purple
Malaysian Dark Red
Mazu Purple
Ping Tung

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