October 22, 2011

Planting Fall Vegetables

Delicate pea sprout with its diminutive leaves.
Sugar Snap pea unfurling.
The silent Sugar Snap pea.
Optimistic cantaloup sprout.
Red Noodle yard long bean quickly filling out.
The struggling Cowhorn okra.
Vivacious Celebrity tomato.
The two rows of Sugar Snap Peas have been planted out for 2 weeks now but only a dozen have sprouted. I'm worried that either the birds have gotten to them or the seeds are old and not viable. The garden patch had gone a bit wild with weeds so I went ahead and did a little weeding around the pea netting, maybe the pea sprouts were accidently pulled with the weeds.

A number of free range vegetables have sprouted after rototilling including lettuces, radishes, yard long pole beans, melons, okra, and tomatoes. The soft tender plants such as the beans, melons, okra, and tomatoes should meet their demise soon since the killing frost is forecasted four weeks from now on November 20th.

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