May 22, 2016

Bush beans Have Sprouted and Replacing More Tomatoes Due to Bird Damage

The bush beans have been sprouting. So exciting. There's 2 rows of snap/French beans and 2 rows of dry beans. But the Black Turtle beans are a complete no show. Bummer.
Yesterday I replanted 22 tomato plants that were destroyed by critters. So in all, I've had to replace 44 tomato plants. It's mostly birds I see in the garden so I always blame them.
Funny enough, the tiny emergency tomato plants have gained quite a bit of size so they're actually good sized plants.
Flea beetles have been going nuts on the tomato plants, sucking so much life out of the plants they actually haven't been growing. The weeds that the flea beetles normally feed on are gone and the eggplants haven't been planted yet, so I've had to dust the plants with diatomaceous earth. I managed to crush about 2 to 5 beetles on each plant before I dusted them.

Now that it's supposed to be dry for a week, the diatomaceous earth should work. Hopefully.

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