April 28, 2013

All the Tomatoes are Now Planted in the Garden

I planted the rest of the tomatoes today after planting twenty yesterday, so that is a total of 64 tomato plants in the garden this year. After watering them in, I covered them with vented plastic cups to keep the birds from eating them in the very early morning. Last year half of the tomato seedlings were lost to birds. Can you imagine the horror of coming out one morning and finding nipped growing tips and broken pecked stems? The cups will have to be removed before the sun gets too hot since it's predicted to reach 80 degrees tomorrow (26 Celsius). At least the warm temperatures will help the pole beans and okra with germinating.

The tomato plants are spaced 18 inches apart with rows 24 inches apart, and 2 rows per bed with beds 3 feet apart.

It took 4 hours to plant forty-four seedlings due to the mulch I had to work around. I am less then enthusiastic thinking about the peppers and eggplants that still need to be planted. It will probably go faster kneeling rather than crouching, so I will try that next time.

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