2017 Garden Plan

The garden runs about 30 feet by 40 feet. Beds will be between 3-5 feet wide by 15 feet long. I'm being good this year and trying to rotate the plant locations with beds 1 and 2 being closest to the house. There will be a path leading to the greenhouse and running right down the center of the garden, splitting each long bed in two 15 foot beds.

(Updated pictures will be posted occasionally as things get harvested and other things planted.)

Bed 1:
Mizuna greens, Mantovano bulb fennel, Kilibri purple kohlrabi (F1), Winner green kohlrabi (F1), Tonda eggplant, and cucumbers along the wire garden fence.

Bed 2:
Violetta eggplant, Tatsoi greens, Di Parma bulb fennel, Meraviglia Venezia yellow pole bean, Greasy Grits pole bean, and Cherokee Trail of Tears pole beans.

Bed 3:
Spicy hot peppers: Aji Lemon Drop, Numex Big Jim, Numex Joe E. Parker, Santa Fe Grande, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalafuego (F1), and Hot Banana.

Bed 4:
Caged tomatoes: 5 Peron, 5 Cosmonaut Volkov, and 5 Black Prince.

Bed 5:
Caged tomatoes: one Jubilee, 3 Ananas Noire, 2 Coustralee, one Amish,  3 Pilcer Vesy, 3 Manyel, 3 Lilac Giant. Between the 2 rows of tomato plants are 3 Tuscany melon plants.

Bed 6:
Caged tomatoes: 5 Black Brandywine, 2 Black Krim, one Zebra, 5 Yellow Brandywine, and 2 Granny Cantrell's German Red.

Bed 7:
Caged tomatoes: 3 Big Rainbow, 2 Aunt Ruby's German Green, 3 Chocolate Stripes, one Hillbilly Flame, 2 Pantano Romanesco, and 5 Berkley Tie Dyes. Between the 2 rows of tomato plants is currently one Ginkaku melon, hopefully more will sprout.

Bed 8:
Caged tomatoes: 6 Dark Brandywine, 2 Golden King of Siberia, 7 Pink Brandywine.

Bed 9:
Caged tomatoes: 3 Taxi, 3 Cherokee Purple, 2 Mexico, 4 Paul Robeson, 3 Celebrity (F1), and one Goldie. Between the 2 rows of tomato plants is Green Nutmeg melon.

Bed 10:
2 rows of Carentan leeks.

Bed 11:
Bush beans: Romano, Stringless, Cherokee Wax, Bluelake 274, Bountiful, and Golden Butter Wax bean varieties.

Bed 12:
Striato D'Italia zucchini, Fiorentino zucchini, Marrow, Butta zucchini, Lebanese White Bush marrow, Bennings Green Tint scallop, and Patisson Golden Marbre scallop.

Bed 13:
Giant bed to the left of the greenhouse facing our home: Yokohama winter squash, Black Futsu winter squash, Zeppelin delicata squash, Gentry summer squash, Zephyr (F1) summer squash, Saffron summer squash, Fat Cherry tomato, and Black Cherry tomato.

Bed 14:
Giant bed to the right of the greenhouse facing our home: Beck's Big Buck okra, Queensland Blue winter squash, Thai Rai Kaw Tok winter squash, Striato D'Italia zucchini, Fiorentino zucchini, delicata squash, Black from Tula tomato, and Sun Gold (F1) cherry tomato.

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