2021 Planting Times

April 2nd:
Started: rhubarb, sorrel, Stella herb, Sculpit herb, Nero Di Toscana kale, Colza/Rapeseed greens, Broadleaf sorrel, Aoshiso shiso, Akajiso shiso, Winter Giant 3 leek, Welsh onion, Purple sweet potato, white onion sets, and shallot sets.

April 10th:
Started tomato:
Honeycomb cherry, Honey Delight cherry, Candyland Red cherry, Yellow Pear, Bumble Bee cherry mix, Tiger cherry mix, Be My Baby cherry, Sungold cherry, Fat cherry, Juliet, Large cherry, Black cherry, Giant Belgium, Carbon, Caspian Pink, Super Marmande, Costoluto Fiorentino, Pantano, Celebrity, Pink Brandywine, Red Brandywine, Black Brandywine, Black Krim, Jaune De Flamme, Anna Russian, Peron, Pink Berkley Tie-Dye, Cherokee Green, Black Prince, Chocolate Stripes, Chef's Choice Green, Chef's Choice Red, Chef's Choice Orange, Chef's Choice Pink, Chef's Choice Yellow, and Chef's Choice Black

Started pepper: Jalapeno Gigantia, Cascabella Hot, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Poblano, Serrano, Anaheim, Aji Angelo, Aji Golden, Guajillo, Kimchi, and Sweet Happy Yummy

May 23rd:
Planted in the garden:
tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, winter squash, cucumbers, onions, shallots, and leeks.

Seeded bush beans in the garden: Meraviglia Di Venezia, Marconi, and Ferrari.

May 24th:
Planted in the garden:
 Sculpit greens, Stella greens, Colza greens, Nero di Tuscana kale, and sorrel.

May 25th:
Planted in the garden:
Strawberries, basil, endive, and escarole.

July 10th:
Rossa Italiana chicory, Catalogna Puntarelle chicory, Spadona chicory, Variegata di Castelfranco chicory, Cuor d'Oro endive, Verde a Cuore Pieno endive, Bubikopf endive, and Cornetto di Bordeaux endive.

July 11th:
Burro lettuce mix, Romaine lettuce mix, garlic chives, and rhubarb.

September 20th:
Egyptian Walking onion, Yellow Potato onion, Blushing bunching onion, Parade bunching onion, Cutting Leaf celery, Red Bull Asian chives, All'Olio brocooletti (rapeseed), Southern Giant Curled mustard, Dark Horse wu choy mustard, India Florida Broadleaf mustard, Green Fast quick choy mustard, mixed Asian greens, Barba Dei Frati lettuce, Croccanti lettuce mix, Burro lettuce mix, and Autumn-Winter lettuce mix.

September 21st:
Da Ping Pu mustard, Mibuna, Tah Tsai tatsoi, Early mizuna, Central Red mizuna, Garnet Giant mustard, Thick-Stem mustard, Pac Choy, Penca Povoa Verde Portuguese cabbage, Pe Tsai cabbage, Big Head celtuce, and Red Fragrance lettuce.

October 1st:
Seeded in the garden:
Mino Early daikon, Watermelon radish, White Icicle radish, Ten Pounds radish, Komatsuna mustard, Senposai mustard, Toraziroh mustard, Yokatta Na mustard, September Red hong caitai, Hon Tsai Tai, White Flowered kailaan, Kichi kailaan, Sweet Kale, Purple Stem choy sum, Gunsho choy sum, Late Green yu choy sum, and Late 80s yu choy sum.

October 9th:
Planted in the garden:
mixed Asian greens, India Florida Broadleaf mustard, and Green Fast quick choy.

October 10th:
Planted in the garden:
Early mizuna, Mibuna, Central Red mizuna, Tah Tasi tatsoi, 

October 18th:
Seeded in the garden:
Mezza Lunga Bianca Colletto Viola turnip, and Di Milano a Colletto Viola turnip.

Planted in the garden: Garnet Giant mustard, and Thick-Stem mustard.

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