2017 Fall Garden Plan

Technically there's 14 beds in my garden since the path to the greenhouse is right in the middle of the garden and splits each bed into two.

Bed 1-4 will get a rest because they're too shaded being so close to the house. Instead they'll be planted with hairy vetch and winter rye as green manure through the winter.

Bed 5: Asian greens: Red Knight (F1) mizuna, Komatsuna, Gunsho choy sum, Purple Stem choy sum, Kichi kailan, Colour Crunch pak choi mix, and Frilly Leaf lettuce mix.

Bed 6: Turnips, radishes, and kohlrabi

Bed 7: Asian greens: Early mizuna, Tatsoi, and Mibuna greens, Long Green Petiole Chin-Chang cabbage, Tah Tsai pak choy, Da Cheong Chae (F1), Round Leaf small Chinese cabbage

Bed 8: Greens: Coquille de Louvier corn salad, Clarinet (F1) spinach, Harp (F1) spinach, Sher-Li-Hon gai choy heading mustard, Cornet de Bordeaux endive, Nero de Toscana cavolo nero, and Red Russian kale.

Bed 9: Carrots: Kuroda Long 8 Inch, Red Cored Chantenay, Berlicum, Mixed Colors, and Chantenay.

Bed 10: Beets: Egitto Migliorata, Tonda Di Chioggia, Tall Top Early Wonder, and Cylindra.

Bed 11: Asian kale and flowering brassicas. Blue Star Asian kale/gai lan, Ryokuho Asian kale/gailan, Green Lance gailaan, Yu Choi Sum flowering brassica, Late Green yu choy, 70 Days yu choy,

Bed 12: Sprouting broccoli and sprouting turnips. Spigariello Cavolo sprouting broccoli, and Sessantina cima di rapa or sprouting turnip, Broccoli Raab, South Sea Kailaan, 50 days yu choy.

Bed 13: Snap pea, turnip, and radish. Super Sugar Snap pea, Tall Telephone pea, Sugar Snap Pea, Giant Luo Buo radish, Di Milano A Colletto Viola turnip, Palla Di Neve turnip, Tsugaru Scarlet turnip, Red Round Radish, Hakurei turnip, Goldana turnip, and Snowball turnip.

Bed 14: Broad beans or fava beans

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