2020 Planting Times

April 10th:
Planted in the garden: overwintered Asian greens (for making seeds), Asian chives, bok choy cuttings, napa cabbage cuttings, celery cuttings, and green onion cuttings.

Seeded in the garden: Provider bush bean, Cherokee Wax bush bean, Tendergreen Improved bush bean, Tenderette bush bean, Pinkeye Purple Hull summer pea, Great Lakes #118 lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Bibb lettuce, Nevada lettuce, Giant Caesar lettuce, New Zealand spinach, Shungiku chrysanthemum greens, Nero de Toscana kale, Galega De Folhas Lisas kale, Butta zucchini, Elite hybrid zucchini, Garden Spineless hybrid zucchini, Gentry summer squash, Saffron summer squash, Early Prolific summer squash, Golden Marbre scallop squash, Bennings Green Tint scallop squash, Tendergreen cucumber, Tasty Green hybrid cucumber, Green Dragon hybrid cucumber, Di Parma Sel. Prado bulb fennel, Mantovano bulb fennel, Kuroda Long 8 Inch carrot, Amarillo carrot, Short 'n Sweet carrot, Red Cored Chantenay carrot, Danvers #126 carrot, Cosmic Purple carrot, Scarlet Nantes carrot, and Longstanding cilantro.

April 11th:
Seeded in the garden: Tall Top Early Wonder beet, Ruby Queen beet, Bucklunch sugar beet, American Purple Top rutabaga, Round winter melon, and Oblong winter melon.

April 19th:
Started tomatoes: Fat cherry, Black cherry, Sun Gold cherry, Juliet, Jelly Bean, Gardener's Delight, Black Zebra, Super Marmande, Black Prince, Jaune Flamme, Taxi, Jubilee, Cosmonaut Volkov, Marianna Peace, Peach Blow Sutton, Cherokee Green, Coustralee, Peron, Pink Brandywine, and Pink Berkley Tie-Dye.

Started Peppers: Corno di Toro Giallo, Boldog Hungarian, Ajvarski, Melrose, and Sicilia.

Started basil: Red Rubin, Mrs. Burn's Lemon, Siam Queen, Napleton, and Classico.

Started: Cowhorn okra, Red Burgundy okra, Red Army amaranth, Green Giant amaranth, Akajiso Shisho, Aoshisho Shisho, Scarlet Emperor orach, leeks, Garlic chives, and Long Standing cilantro.

April 20th:
Started: Rolet squash, Telegraph cucumber, Goldie tomato, Dark Brandywine tomato, Nero de Toscana kale, Galega De Folhas, Dragons Tongue rocket, Red Veined sorrel, Broad Leaf Sorrel, Aoshiso perilla, and Akajiso perilla.

April 28th:
Started: Rolet squash and Telegraph cucumber

May 2nd:
Started: Fordhook zucchini, Butta zucchini, Elite Zucchini, White Custard pattypan, Saffron summer squash, Gentry summer squash, Straight Neck summer squash, Crookneck summer squash

May 22nd:
Planted in the garden: zucchini, summer squash, sweet potato, okra, cucumber, and red amaranth.

May 23rd: 
Planted in the garden: tomatoes.

May 24th: 
Planted in the garden: sweet peppers and green amaranth.

May 25th: 
Planted in the garden: green amaranth, basil, and flowers.

Seeded in the garden: Merveille De Piemonte bush bean, Purple King bush bean, La Victoire bush bean, Golden beet, and Egitto Migliorata beet.

May 30th:
Planted in the garden: Nero de Tuscana kale, basil, and cilantro.

Seeded in the garden: beets

May 31st:
Seeded in the garden: Tuscany melon and Ginkaku melon.

Start inside: brussels sprouts, chicory, endive, broccoli.
Plant in the garden: leeks and chives.

Plant in the garden: brussels sprouts, chicory, endive, broccoli.

Seed in the garden: spinach, lettuce, greens, turnips, radishes, beets, kohlrabi.

Seed in the garden: fava beans

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