2020 Summer Garden Plan

The garden runs about 30 feet by 40 feet. There will be a path leading to the greenhouse and running right down the center of the garden, splitting each long bed into two 15-foot beds. Beds will be between 3-5 feet wide by 15 feet long. Beds 1 and 2 being closest to the house.

Bed 1: Cilantro, Asian chives, green onions, celery, & greens (Fall: turnips & radishes)

Bed 2: Lettuce, kale (Fall: lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts)

Bed 3: Beets, basil, & cilantro (Fall: turnips & radishes)

Bed 4: Cucumber, amaranth, & shungiku (Fall: beets & kohlrabi)

Bed 5: Peppers, amaranth, basil, & cilantro (Fall: lettuce)

Bed 6: Tomatoes (Fall: rape, kale, & mache)

Bed 7: Tomatoes (Fall: broccoli rabe & Asian broccoli)

Bed 8: Tomatoes (Fall: chicory, endive, & spinach)

Bed 9: Sweet potato, okra (Fall: greens)

Bed 10: Bush beans (Fall: greens)

Bed 11: Zucchini & summer squash (Fall: fava beans)

Bed 12: Squash, zucchini, & patty pan squash (Fall: fava beans)

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