2018 Garden Plan

The garden runs about 30 feet by 40 feet. There will be a path leading to the greenhouse and running right down the center of the garden, splitting each long bed in two 15 foot beds. Beds will be between 3-5 feet wide by 15 feet long. Beds 1 and 2 being closest to the house.

Bed 1:
Cutting Leaf celery, Gigante d'Italia parsley, Pink Lettucy mustard gene pool, and Garlic chives

Bed 2:
Galega de Folhas Lisas kale, and Nero di Toscana kale

Bed 3:
Bikores beet, Golden Detroit beet, and Egyptian Flat beet

Bed 4:
Freedom lettuce gene pool

Bed 5:
Tall Top Early Wonder beet, and Three Root Grex beet

Bed 6:
Gunsho choy sum, broccoli raab, Kichi kailan, Spring broccoli raab, White Flowered kailaan, Canton White pak choi

Bed 7:
American Flag leek

Bed 8:
Short 'n Sweet carrot, Red Cored Chantenay carrot, Danvers 126 carrot, Scarlet Nantes carrot, Giant Luo Buo radish, Watermelon radish, China Rose radish, Long White Icicle radish, and French Breakfast radish

Bed 9:
Pan di Zucchero chicory, Puntarelle chicory, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Broad-Leaved Batavian endive, and Tres Fine Marairchere Olesh endive

Bed 10:
Palla di Neve turnip, di Milano a Colletto Viola turnip, White Egg turnip, Red Round turnip, Goldana turnip, and Snowball turnip

Bed 11:
Tah Tsai tatsoi, Mibuna, and Pot Herb mizuna

Bed 12:
Gilfeather turnip, Delicacy White kohlrabi, Delicacy Purple kohlrabi, Early White Vienna kohlrabi, Di Parma fennel, and Mantovano fennel

Bed 13: Tah Tsai tatsoi, Pot Herb mizuna, Mibuna, Fun Jen cabbage, pak choi, Lady Murasaki mustard-spinach, and Senposai

Bed 14: Mizspoona gene pool, Senposai hybrid, Baby Choi cabbage, Pechay pak choi, Shanghai pak choi, Yokatta Na hybrid, and Toraziroh

Bed 15: Red Veined sorrel, Broadleaf sorrel, Color Crunch mix pak choi, Purple Stem choy sum, Dragons Tongue rocket, Green Brigade rocket, and Garnet Giant mustard

Bed 16:
Purple Top Milan turnip, and Snowball turnip

Bed 17:
Red Round turnip, and White Egg turnip

Bed 18:
China Rose radish, French Breakfast radish, and Long White Icicle radish

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