2017 Planting Times

February 19:
Started peppers: Santa Fe Grande, Hungarian Hot Wax, Early Jalapeno, Numex Big Jim, Anaheim, Jalafuego, and Numex Joe E. Parker. Started Violetta and Tonda eggplants. Started lettuce: Simpson, Rouge, Regina, Lingua, Gentilina, Rossa, and Quattro. Started America and Gigante spinach.

March 12:
Started tomatoes: Fat Cherry, Sun Gold, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Cosmonaut Volkov, Peron, Pruden's Purple, Paul Robeson, Celebrity hybrid, Golden King of Siberia, Black Prince, Black from Tula, Yellow Brandywine, Black Brandywine, Dark Brandywine, Brandywine, Ananas Noire, Big Zebra, Granny Cantrell, Chocolate Stripes, Cherokee Purple, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye, Big Rainbow, Hillbilly Flame, Pantano Romensco, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Red Pear, Orange Icicle, Jubilee, Goldie, Manyel, Coustralee, San Marzano Redorta, Amish Paste, Kellogg's Breakfast, Pilcer Vesy, Djena Lee's Golden Girl, Taxi, Lilac Giant, and Mexico.

Started flowers: Chamomile, Echinacea, Garland Chrysanthemum, Alaska nasturtium, Gleam nasturtium, Painted daisy, Red and Gold daisy, Shasta daisy, Love In the Mist, mixed marigolds, Peppermint phlox, Rudbeckia, Summer sunflower, Evening sunflower, Teddy bear sunflower, Mammoth Russian sunflower, Velvet sunflower, and lavender.

March 13:
Started Peppermint Stick celery, Tendergreen celery, Carentan leek, and Crimson Forest bunching onion.

March 14:
Started Green Queen Chinese celery, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Mantovano bulb fennel, and Di Parma bulb fennel.

March 15:
Started Kolibri kohlrabi and Winner kohlrabi, both are hybrids.

April 27:
Started Ginkaku melon, Green Nutmeg melon, True Charentais melon, Tuscany melon, Round wax melon, Oblong winter wax melon, Queensland Blue winter squash, Black Futsu pumpkin, Thai Rai Kaw Tok pumpkin, Yokohama winter squash, Beck's Big Buck okra, Siam Queen basil, Italiano Classico basil, and Bolloso Napoletano basil indoors.

May 10:
Planted out in the garden all the pepper plants, eggplants, and 75 tomato plants, plus 3 cherry tomatoes.

May 11:
Planted out in the garden 15 more tomato plants, tatsoi, mizuna, bulb fennel, kohlrabi, and leeks.

May 13:
Finished planting out Carantan leeks in the garden.

Direct seeded in the garden Striato D'Italia zucchini, Fiorentino zucchini, Marrow, Butta zucchini, Lebanese White Bush marrow, Bennings Green Tint scallop, and Patisson Golden Marbre scallop.

May 14:
Direct seeded in the garden summer squash, winter squash, bush beans, and pole beans.

May 19:
Transplanted Beck's Big Buck okra, True Charentais melon, Ginkaku melon, Tuscany melon, and Green Nutmeg melon into the garden.

May 21:
Planted Classico, Napoletano and Thai basil out in the garden.

Direct seeded extra melons of the same varieties transplanted on May 19th

Direct seed wax melons in the garden.

Start Brussels sprouts.

Direct seed beets, carrots, and flowering kale also known as gailaan in the garden.

Direct seed fall carrots, beets, and kale in the garden.

Start broccoli.

Direct seed bush beans, turnips, mustards, beets, radishes, peas, snap peas, spinach, and more fall carrots in the garden.

Transplant broccoli and Brussels sprouts in the garden

Direct seed radicchio, turnips, radishes, peas, greens, Asian greens, spinach, and lettuce.

Direct seed fava beans in garden.

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